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Major Misconduct: An Aces Hockey Novel - Kelly Jamieson

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I've read a few books by Kelly Jamieson in the past and have always enjoyed her voice. I was super excited to read her new Chicago Aces hockey series.


Major Misconduct was a great start to the Chicago Aces series. I really loved Marc Dupuis from the moment we met him and could feel the connection between him and Lovey immediately. Their chemistry was off the charts hot, and I loved watching them fall for one another. I really loved them as a couple, but hated they had to keep it a secret from Lovey's brother Duncan. I did however, love how Duncan caught them together and it did make me laugh out loud.


I took a bit longer to really love Lovey's character. I didn't like that she was keeping secrets from her brother about her job hunt and her business ideas, but totally understood after she told him what she was doing. I loved Lovey's idea for her business and found it completely relevant for the social media world today. I will say I found Lovey to be a bit immature at times and really didn't like how she treated Marc when she got scared their relationship was moving too fast. She tends to run away and I loved Marc so much, I didn't want to see him get hurt. I did love that she always makes up for her mistakes in a big way though. 


I really enjoyed Major Misconduct and am already looking forward to more books in the Chicago Aces series from Kelly Jamieson.