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Controlled Burn (Boston Fire) - Shannon Stacey

Shannon Stacey is an auto-buy author for me. I fell in love with her stories with her Kowalski series and am just as hooked on her Boston Fire series 2 books in.


I really loved Rick from the moment he appeared on the page. He is super protective of all his friends and especially the Broussards, who are his landlords. He truly cares for and about them, which only made me love him more. Add in the fact that he has remained friends with so many of his ex-girlfriends, which shows what a nice guy he really is, and he is one of my favorite heroes.


While I didn't love Jessica the minute she appeared on the page, I kept an open mind about her from the beginning. I was so mad at her father for keeping her away from her grandparents all those years and loved seeing her become more open the more time she spent in Boston. I think she was always pretty strong, but really felt like until she came to Boston, she didn't have the gumption to stand up to her father and really make him talk about her grandparents and even why her mother left her when she was so young. Honestly Jessica ended up being one of my favorite characters from the series so far.


I really loved Jessica’s relationship with her grandparents. While it built slowly at first, I loved that she kept coming up with reasons to stay in Boston to be with them. Since I was raised down the street from my grandparents, I can’t imagine not meeting mine until I was an adult. I loved how close they all grew so quickly.


I adored Rick and Jessica as a couple. I loved that they kept kissing and saying they weren't going to do it again. Totally cracked me up. They had such amazing chemistry both in and out of bed. Yes things were bumpy in the beginning since Rick was so protective of Jessica's grandparents, but I think that only made Jessica fall for him a little bit faster. I worried for a bit when they tried the long distance relationship, because being on different coast is pretty hard, but I knew in my heart their love was strong enough to make the relationship work.


Controlled Burn hooked me from the first page. All I wanted to do was read until I could finish the book. Now I'm ready for my next fix in the Boston Fire series.