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Everything At Last: A Magnolia Beach Novel - Kimberly Lang

I really have enjoyed the first couple of stories in the Magnolia Beach series, one being a novellas and one a full-length story, so I was excited to get our next full-length story in the series. Ms. Lang did not disappoint with the next installment in her Magnolia Beach series.


First of all I have to say I absolutely loved Molly Richards. Even without know her full history, the fact that she has moved to Magnolia Beach and basically started her life over shows what a strong character she is. I love that she has made a new home for herself and I adored her coffee shop, Latte Dah, and how she had become an important part of the community. 


Tate Harris took a bit longer for me to warm up to. I liked him, but only started to really love him the more time he spent with Molly. I loved that he stepped up to help Molly, and liked the slow growth of their relationship. I liked that Tate and Molly truly became friends before they moved their relationship into more. I think since neither of them had really had a relationship in some time, if they had jumped into one too quickly, I wouldn't have bought their relationship as well. They had really amazing chemistry and the slow build to them being a couple made perfect sense to me.


I knew that Molly had come from a bad marriage and there were major issues with her family from the few times she mentioned them to Tate or Helena, but was still pretty thrown when her past showed up in Magnolia Beach. I loved that Helena and her other friends totally had her back, and really hated how Tate handled the situation. I'm not saying he wasn't justified in his reaction, but I expected more from him than what he showed Molly initially. I will say that I loved how Tate made amends to Molly and it helped me get over my anger towards his initial reaction.


Everything at Last was a wonderful addition to the Magnolia Beach series. I'm already looking forward to more stories in this series and have a few characters picked out whose stories I want next. Everything at Last is the perfect romance for fans of contemporary romances. While Everything at Last is part of a series, it can be read easily as a stand alone story.


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