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Dirty Sexy Inked (Dirty Sexy Series) (Volume 2) - Carly Phillips
I seriously can say this series just gets better with each book. I loved Dirty Sexy Saint and getting to see Clay Kincaid find his happily ever after with Samantha. When we met Mason and Katrina, I knew there was way more to them than just being best friends and have to say, I loved watching them go from friends to lovers.
First of all I absolutely loved that Mason and Katrina had been best friends since they were 14 years old. Even though they didn't meet under the best circumstance, it totally solidified their friendship from the very beginning. I also loved they each were insanely attracted to the other, yet were both afraid to mess up their friendship by taking their relationship to that next level. I will say the phrase "go big or go home" totally fits Mason when he finally couldn't handle seeing his Kitty-Kat near other men. The scene in Coyote Ugly is hands down one of my favorite parts of the entire book. 
Katrina and Mason have smoking hot chemistry and I'm pretty sure my kindle screen steamed up every single time they were together. Katrina not only got Mason's need to be in charge in the bedroom, but completely embraced it and seemed to need it just as much. Not that there were plenty of tender moments between them, but as Mason is a total bad boy the smoking hot was there way more than sweet and tender.
I think part of the reason I loved Katrina and Mason together so much was the fact they shared so much of their history together. Yes there were parts of Katrina's history not even Mason knew about, but when they came to light, I just wanted to hug Mason for kicking himself over what happened. Seriously made me cry to see Mason so completely destroyed that he wasn't there at a time when Katrina needed him the most. I loved that learning the truth only brought Mason and Katrina closer as a couple.
Dirty Sexy Inked hit on every single one of my emotions and I absolutely loved everything about the story. I love a friends to lovers story when it is done well, and Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde hit is out the park with Mason and Katrina's story. I highly recommend Dirty Sexy Inked to everyone.