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Doing It Over (Most Likely To Series) - Catherine Bybee

I've always enjoyed books from Catherine Bybee in the past, but have to say without a doubt that Doing It Over is my favorite book ever from Ms. Bybee.


I loved Melanie, Jo, and Zoe from the very first page. I loved they had been friends their entire life and remained best friends 10 years after they graduated from high school. Mel was voted most likely to succeed in high school, and with the exception of a wonderful daughter, not much else has gone as she has planned since high school. I loved that Jo and Miss Gina were the locals who immediately took Mel and Hope in once they arrived.  I have to say Miss Gina is one of my favorite characters ever. She has always been the one person Mel, Jo, and Zoe could always depend on, and nothing about her has changed. I really love the Zoe and Jo both are always there when Mel needs them, even after Zoe had left after the class reunion.


You hear about the perfect meet-cute, and I have to say while Mel and Wyatt's wasn't the average one, it continued to give them much to laugh about the more time they spent around each other. Wyatt had moved to River Bend after Mel had left and is now happy to call River Bend his home. I thought the chemistry between Mel and Wyatt was really strong from the beginning and I really liked them as a couple. I especially liked that Wyatt seemed to fall for Mel's daughter Hope every bit as much as he fell for Mel. 


There was a bit of suspense in Doing It Over that was different from other books I've read from Ms. Bybee. While I figured out pretty quickly who was behind everything, the why behind it was the real mystery. I did have issues with some of the choices the person behind everything made, but quickly figured out this individual really didn’t care about anyone else honestly. I enjoyed the suspense aspect of the story, and feel like we will see more of it in future books in the series. Doing It Over was a great start to the Most Likely To series. I'm excited to see where Ms. Bybee takes both Zoe and Jo in their stories.  


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