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Dare to Take (Dare to Love Book 6) - Carly Phillips

I've been a huge fan of Carly Phillips since I read my very first book by her years ago. She has always been an auto-buy author for me and I fall in love with each of her characters with every single book. I'm sad to see the Dare to Love series come to an end, but absolutely loved getting Tyler's book as the last one of the legitimate Dare siblings' books. I've wanted Tyler Dare's story for what seems like forever, and I was so happy to see Ella Shaw, his sister Avery's best friend would be his love interest.


I loved there was a history between Tyler and Ella. While they have been friends since they were kids, the one night Ella and Tyler spend together when she is 18 changes everything. Where there was friendship before, there is now distance, yet Tyler has no issues going to get Ella when she is stuck in St. Lucia during a hurricane after she is mugged. Yes his sister Avery asks him to go, and Tyler wasted no time rearranging his schedule to be there for Ella. Tyler has the same protective instincts as his brothers, and his have kicked into overdrive when it comes to Ella.


I loved the attraction between Tyler and Ella was so strong. Seriously loved them as a couple from their very first kiss. I also love the Ms. Phillips didn't push their past under the rug, but had them each remember that night together and have them talk about it to move forward in their relationship. Ella being concerned how Avery would react to them, as a possible couple was so perfect as well. Ella and Avery have such a special friendship, that I knew if Ella was happy with Tyler, then Avery would be happy for her, but based upon how Ella's family had always treated her, I understood her fears of possibly losing her best friend. 


I loved Tyler and Ella as a couple and especially loved how they got each other on every level. I think because they both had kind of been abandoned by their fathers, they each had trust issues, though Ella's were way bigger than Tyler's. I have to say, I loved that both Tyler and Ella both had the chance to confront their fathers in Dare to Take and both times had me crying just a bit, although with Tyler's dad they were tears of anger. I swear I find myself hating Robert Dare more with each book. 


I loved the fact we got to spend time with so many of the Dare siblings and their spouses in Dare to Take. I love getting to visit with some of my favorite characters while watching my new favorite couple fall in love. I'm sad to see the Dare to Love series come to an end for now. While I'm glad we now have all the legitimate Dare siblings' stories, I also can't wait to get the final half-sibling stories in the future.


Dare to Take pulled every single emotion from me as I read it. I love a story that has me feeling so many emotions, and Ms. Phillips did it with Dare to Take. While I'm a purest and read books in the order they are released, I think a reader could pick up Dare to Take and really love Tyler and Ella's story as a stand-alone read.


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