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The Trouble with Temptation - Shiloh Walker

I am a huge fan of Shiloh Walker's books, and especially her romantic suspense stories. I fell in love with The McKay's series with the very first book. I couldn't wait to read Brannon and Hannah's book, as I wanted them together as soon as we met them in Headed for Trouble.


I'll be honest and say I was worried about how Ms. Walker would pull off an amnesia story, especially when it was revealed Hannah was pregnant, but I never should have worried. I found myself pulled in from the very beginning and loved watching Hannah and Brannon figure out how to manage their new relationship. I loved that even not remembering part of her past, Hannah instinctively knew Brannon was a very important person in her life. I loved that Brannon was getting a second chance to make things right with Hannah while they are spending more time together. My only issue was Brannon not being honest sooner with Hannah sooner about everything that had gone on in their past. I did however love how great their chemistry was whether they were making love or just spending time together. I also love that even though Brannon had never told Hannah how much he loved her in the past, he had loved her every bit as long as she had loved him.


Shiloh Walker loves to throw her readers off on "who is the bad guy" in her romantic suspense books. I absolutely love that she throws so many twist and turns into the story. I have an idea as to the bad guy is in this trilogy, but my feelings could be off as I really don't like this particular character at all. I can't wait to read The Right Kind of Trouble to find out if my guess is correct. I also can't wait to read The Right Kind of Trouble to finally get Moira and Gideon's story, as I've wanted to read their story from the moment I met them in Headed For Trouble.


I liked where Ms. Walker took us in phase 2 of the mystery in The Trouble With Temptation. I honestly don't feel like readers will get as much out of the mystery portion of the story by reading it as a stand-alone story, but do think the romance portion of the story works as a stand alone story. I'm tend not to read books in a series out of order, so I highly recommend reading The McKay's series in order.


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