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Beyond Ecstasy (Beyond, Book 8) - Kit Rocha

I absolutely adore the Beyond series from Kit Rocha. Beyond Ecstasy is the 8th book in the Beyond series and this series really needs to be read in order as the world builds and changes with each new book. Beyond Ecstasy picks up right where Beyond Ruin left off.


Eden has lobbed the first shot in the upcoming war by cutting power to the sectors and keeping everyone on pins and needles as to when the war will actually begin. I loved that in the midst of what will be an all out war, the O'Kanes are still for the most part business as usual. I adored we got to see glimpses of all my favorite couples...groups while still getting a new story for Hawk and Jeni. I will say I felt because of the impending war, Hawk and Jeni jumped in way too fast to their relationship, without really understanding what the other really needed. I knew they would have trouble before it was all said and done, as I didn't totally see them on the same page. I will say when their issues came to a head; I was way more emotionally involved that I felt I would be. I liked Hawk and Jeni as a couple, but didn't feel I connected as well to them as I had to others in the past. I did love they are both such strong characters and found their chemistry was hot, and actually felt like it got much better once they were finally honest about everything with each other.


Beyond Ecstasy also gave me more insight into each of the other sectors and how the sectors would work together in the war against Eden. I seriously was on the edge of my seat reading with each new shot. While I hate to see the Beyond series end, I absolutely can't wait to read how the war will play out between Eden and all my favorite characters. 


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