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Bay of Sighs (Guardians Trilogy) - Nora Roberts

The Guardians series feels like I'm reading some of Nora Roberts' old school trilogies. I find myself being drawn in from the very first page as I read each book. I absolutely loved Sasha and Bran's story and couldn't wait to get Annika and Sawyer's story. Though I want Riley and Doyle's story most of all...which is always the way for me with a trilogy.


I love watching the 6 friends work hard to find the 3 stars. After Sasha and Bran discovered and protected the fire star, I was ready for the search for the next star. When I saw it would be Annika and Sawyer's story, I knew it would be the star of water, especially with Annika being a mermaid. 


I really liked Annika and Sawyer as a couple. Annika is such a trusting soul, yet she can also tell when someone is not to be trusted. I love that she has become Doyle and Bran's little sister and best friends with Sasha and Riley. Sawyer really did try and fight his attraction to Annika, and she did everything in her power to make him act on his attraction. I loved she talked to Riley and Sasha about all her questions about sex. Seriously had several laugh out loud moments as Sawyer and Annika talked about sex. Will say it was really needed as the battle for the star of water was very brutal.


I adored getting to know more about Sawyer's past and especially how his compass works and the history behind it. I wish we had learned more about Annika's past, but did love getting to see her swim more and more as a mermaid. I thought the chemistry between Sawyer and Annika grew stronger the more time they were together. Their sex scenes went from hot to sweet and even funny.  There was also one smoking hot mermaid sex scene. Yep, totally went there and while I knew it was coming, I totally didn't know what to expect, yet found it completely hot.


I'm loving seeing the 6 friends work so hard to not only retrieve the stars, but work together to protect them as well. The first 2 books in the Guardians' series have been super strong and I can't wait to finally get Riley and Doyle's story with Island of Glass


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