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The Curse of Tenth Grave - Darynda Jones

I fell in love with the Charley Davidson with the very first book. Darynda Jones has pulled me into Charley's crazy world and each new book is like a new amusement park ride. I was super excited to see what happened with Charley and crew after Charley got her memory back and they headed home.


I wanted to love The Curse of Tenth Grave as I love this series. However, it really fell a little flat for me. I'm fine with multiple story lines going on, as I've gotten used to that with the series. However, I'm not fine when Charley and Reyes are fighting or at least not talking to each other. I feel like the story misses something when Charley and Reyes aren't working together or at least getting along. I loved all the time with Cookie and Charley and their friendship is part of the reason I love the series.  I felt like the mysteries of the runaway girl and the innocent man charged with murder were both really strong. However, I felt like both mysteries were overshadowed by the men seeking Charley because of a video that had gone viral. Add in I felt like the ending was rushed, and I just felt like something was missing with this book.


While I didn't love The Curse of Tenth Grave, there were parts of the story that I really did love. I loved finally seeing Charley and Reyes reconnect. I also absolutely loved any mention of Beep and loved when Charley visits with Rocket. I also enjoyed getting to learn more about Reyes and Charley's world, but wish more focus had been on it. That being said, I plan to read Eleventh Grave in Midnight when it comes out next year, as I need to see where Darynda Jones will take the series.


Rating: 3.75 stars (B-)

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