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Ruined (A Barnes Brothers novel) - Shiloh Walker

Shiloh Walker delivers another wonderful and emotional story in the Barnes Brothers series with Ruined. Sebastien has always been Hollywood's golden boy. I honestly have to say that when his life was turned upside down after the attack, I expected better from him. I didn't expect him to hide out from all his family and totally cut himself off from just about everyone he'd ever worked with. Of course, Marin was the only person he still saw, though he was generally in a drunken haze most of the time. I loved that Marin never gave up on Sebastien, and continued to visit him when he would really see anyone else.


Shiloh Walker writes such awesome emotionally scarred heroes. Sebastien had the physical scar from his attack, but it was his emotional scars that kept him from moving on with his life for such a long time. Marin pushing him to see his family is the reason he started to come back to the land of the living. Of course the biggest way she helps him out, he doesn't even completely remember because of his last drunken binge. I hated that Sebastien finally had his night with Marin, and their chemistry was off the charts hot, and yet he had no memory other than super hot dreams.


I wasn't a huge fan of the miscommunication between Sebastien and Marin after the drunken night together. I loved that Marin helped get Sebastien back to work again, but hated they had lost much of their closeness due to miscommunication and Marin keeping secrets form Sebastien. I totally understood her putting distance between them right after their night together, but not as time passed. Honestly this was my only problem with the story.


Ruined was a wonderful addition to the Barnes Brothers series. I loved getting to spend time with the characters from the other books. I loved Marin and Sebastien as a couple and felt like all they had gone through would help them to be a stronger couple.


4 Stars (B)


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