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Rock Wedding - Nalini Singh

I honestly will say up front that Sarah is a much better person that I would have been to Abe after the way he treated her during their marriage. I understood he was still in mourning for his little sister, but he seemed to take out his misery on Sarah. When she finally had enough, I cheered her leaving him and even more so that she would continue to spend his money and fought for a settlement in their divorce. The fact that she didn't just sit on her butt and live off the settlement but started her own business and succeeded at it made me even happier for her.


I did feel sorry for Abe, and was so glad when his band mates finally made him go to rehab and it finally stuck. I loved once he got his head back on straight, the first person he thought of was Sarah. I totally got that Sarah didn't trust Abe when she first saw him again and didn't want to get back into a relationship with him. However, they had some pretty smoking hot chemistry and couldn't keep their hands off one another when they were together. I loved that Sarah wanted to take everything very slowly, yet couldn't seem to stay away from Abe. We finally saw Abe as who he could be when not under the influence of drugs and alcohol and I kind of fell a little bit in love when him. I loved seeing him finally open up to Sarah about his pain and watching them both learn to love and support one another again, made me fall in love with them as a couple.


Rock Wedding was a wonderful wrap-up to the Rock Kiss series. I fell in love with each and every character and loved getting to spend time with each of them in Rock Wedding. Rock Wedding is a wonderful emotion filled romance that fans of Nalini Singh will adore as well as fans of contemporary romances.


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