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The Right Kind of Trouble - Shiloh Walker

I've enjoyed the first 2 books in The McKays series but will admit I'd wanted Moira and Gideon's story from the moment I met them both in the first book. I absolutely adore Shiloh Walker's romantic suspense novels and have to say she did a wonderful job with all 3 books in The McKay's series.


I love a good second change romance story. I will say it pissed me off at how long Moira had pushed Gideon away, especially when it was obvious to everyone who knew them how much they loved each other. I get she felt guilty about her argument with her mom the night her parents died, but I didn't like she punished both herself and Gideon for so many years because of guilt. I loved that Moira and Gideon's chemistry had never really gone away, and once they were back as a couple, they had a hard time keeping their hands off each other.


I adored the fact that we got to spend time with the other McKay siblings and their significant others in The Right Kind of Trouble. Yes I felt like the romance between Moira and Gideon was center stage overall, but without including Moira's siblings in the story, I don't feel like it would have been as strong. The mystery that started out in Headed for Trouble came to a head in The Right Kind of Trouble. I had my suspicions as to who was behind everything, and I was correct. However, I was completely off in my guess as to why this person was behind everything.  I seriously love how Ms. Walker's mind works when it comes to the romantic suspense genre. She seems to always keep me guessing as to the reason, even when I've already figured out the bad guy. 


The Right Kind of Trouble was the perfect wrap up to The McKay's series. I really don't feel like The Right Kind of Trouble should be read as a stand-alone story, as to get the full effect of the story, you need to read the first 2 books in the series first. Ms. Walker gives her readers a beautiful second chance romance with a strong suspenseful mystery.


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