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Every Yesterday (Boot Creek) - Nancy Naigle

I've been a fan of Nancy Naigle's books since I read her very first book. I read every level of heat in the romance genre and know when I read Nancy's books they are going to be on the sweeter "Hallmark" side of romance, and I find that refreshing every single time.


Let me just say right away, I absolutely loved that neither Noah nor Megan were looking for a relationship, in fact it absolutely cracked me up how far from a relationship either one of them wanted to be. I loved they had a pretty instant attraction and kept seeming to end up together. I loved how well they connected and that they each really seemed to get one another. I loved that with Noah in her life, Megan started painting again, even if she did say it was only a hobby. I also loved they were both car people and Noah could talk about his love of cars without causing Megan's eyes to glaze over with disinterest. 


My only issue with the entire story was how Noah handled the Desoto, which is the car Megan's father had left to her in his will. He heard her time and time again say how important the car was and that she would never get rid of it and yet he never changed his initial plans. I got it was his dream car because of his grandfather, but it really broke my heart to see him not think about how it would hurt Megan to keep pushing for the car. I will say Noah made a big statement to fix his mistake, but it just broke my heart to see Megan torn apart that way. 


Nancy Naigle pulled every single emotion out of me while I read Every Yesterday and that is a sign of a great book for me. Any book that has me laughing, crying and cheering is a winner to me. I highly recommend the Boot Creek series to contemporary romance readers.


Rating: 4 Stars (B+)

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