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The Kate Daniels series is like book crack to me. As soon as I start the book, I don't want to put it down until I’m finished, and then I have to wait and entire year for my next fix. One would think I'd learn from my annual wait, but no I haven't since I got caught up on the series last year. Yep, I read the first 8 books in one year and now must wait each year like everyone else for my next fix.


I really liked Magic Binds. We were given all the action and adventure I've come to love from the series, with lots of time for Kate and Curran, and we even learned more about Roland. Curran and Kate are probably one of my most favorite couples in any Urban Fantasy series I read. Even in the crazy magic-filled world they live in, they seem to have some of the same problems as other couples. They have to get their wedding planned, their kid isn't really following any of the rules they set, and oh yea, they have to protect Atlanta from Kate's father...again. I absolutely love that Kate really just wants to exchange vows with Curran and not worry about anyone being there for the ceremony. I loved that Julie is really starting to show more of the person she wants to be. Yes, she is very much like Kate in many things, but she is her own person too, and I feel like we saw more of who she will become in Magic Binds. Roland pushed Kate more in Magic Binds than he had in previous books. I have to say; I loved seeing Kate show even more fight than usual in Magic Binds. I think part of the reason I love the Kate Daniels series so much is because in addition to action, adventure, and romance, we get so much humor in every single book. Some of the humor is pretty dry, but it makes me laugh every single time. 


Overall I felt like Magic Binds was a very strong story in the Kate Daniels series. I liked the changes to Kate, and could see much growth in her character. I loved that we got to spend time with some of my favorite members of the pack, and found myself even liking some characters I'd not liked in the past. I will say I felt like part of the storyline just ended rather abruptly, and I would have liked more of a resolution to it. Not to give any spoilers away, but I have to say Kate and Curran's wedding was everything I had hoped for and I felt it was absolutely perfect for them.


Fans of the Kate Daniels series will be completely in their happy place while they read Magic Binds. I highly recommend reading the entire Kate Daniels series to anyone who is a fan of the Urban Fantasy genre. I will say you really do need to read the series in order to understand the history of the characters and the dynamics of the world and everything going on currently. I caught up on the entire series last year in audiobook, and can highly recommend them to anyone who wants to give this series a try.


Rating: 4 Stars (B+)

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