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Christmas in Eternity Springs: An Eternity Springs Novel - Emily March

Christmas in Eternity Springs was a really wonderful story. I have to say I fell a little bit in love with Claire and Jax as a couple pretty much from the moment they met. They had such a strong connection, especially for 2 people who weren't looking for anyone, and I also loved Jax's son Nicholas from them moment we met him.


Both Claire and Jax had come out of bad relationships in the past. Claire finding out her finance was actually already married to someone, and Jax's ex-wife leaving him for another man. Neither one of them were really looking for a relationship when they met, and I loved the fact they both started keeping a positive spirit journal, much like the feeling they get from Eternity Springs. I really liked that Claire and Jax were honestly friends long before they got into any sort of relationship.  I really liked how Claire helped Jax work with his son Nicholas to overcome his fear of Christmas. As Nicholas had every reason to feel his fears, it was nice to see Claire and Jax let Nicholas set the pace on what he could handle. I loved the better he felt about Christmas the more he opened up to his dad and Claire about everything he had dealt with that brought on his fear. I won't lie, as Nicholas told his dad his story, I did cry a bit.


Christmas in Eternity Springs is only the second book I've read in the Eternity Springs series, and I found myself unable to put this book down. I really enjoyed seeing Jax and Claire make their way as they worked to have a real relationship. I will say I loved they took things slowly when adding Nicholas in the mix, but did find their time when they were alone steamier than thelast book I read in the Eternity Springs series. I found myself enjoying the steamier heat level more than the sweeter heat level.


I honestly felt like Nicholas and Claire both found Christmas again in Christmas in Eternity Springs. Nicholas had to find it again because of fear and Claire because of loss. I loved that the town of Eternity Springs rallied around them both to help them each re-discover Christmas in their own way.


I recommend Christmas in Eternity Springs to fans of contemporary romance stories. As I haven’t read the entire series to date, I can honestly say it reads well as a stand-alone story.


Rating: 4 stars (B)

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