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I pretty much fell in love with Lawson "Lawless" Monroe when we met him in Barefoot at Sunset. There is just something about him that made me want to give him a hug and fix all his problems. I knew he needed a super strong woman to be his equal, and Libby Chesterfield more than meets those requirements. 


Law and Libby has some pretty amazing chemistry that goes back all the way to high school. I absolutely love the banter between them, which was basically foreplay that had gone on for years...recently months. I loved that both Law and Libby are totally flawed characters, yet totally determined how they each will turn their lives around. However, they both want the Toasted Pelican to make their individual dreams come true, Libby for a yoga studio and Law for a gastropub. I loved they both wanted to have a business that took care of others, even though they had different visions of how it needed to be done.


The chemistry had been there between Libby and Law from the first time we saw them together at their class reunion meeting, and the more time they spent together, the harder it was for either of them to keep their hands to themselves. They had some sizzling hot love scenes and their chemistry was off the charts hot. However, they had both been hurt in the past and trust seemed to be harder for them both to find, especially Libby. Both Libby and Law have family issues from the past, and I really think they got each other even more because of those issues.


I've absolutely loved each of the books in the new Barefoot Bay Timeless series, but have to say Barefoot at Midnight was my absolute favorite so far. It made me laugh out loud at time and cry at others. Any book that pulls multiple emotions from me is always a winner in my book. I highly recommend Barefoot at Midnight to all readers who love contemporary romances, and especially those who love a more mature hero and heroine.


Rating: 5 Stars (A+)

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