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I'm pretty sure I've said this is my new favorite couple with each of the Take the Fall books, but I completely and totally fell in love with Saylor and Hayden in Hard to Fall, and they are my absolute favorite couple in the series. Hard to Fall pretty much pulled every single emotion from me. I laughed, cursed in anger, cried both happy and sad tears, and sighed many times. I love a book filled with emotions, and Ms.Valentine totally delivered with Hayden and Saylor's story.


I loved that Hayden and Saylor connected pretty much from the moment they met at their friends' wedding. I loved they became such fast friends, even as I hurt for Saylor when Hayden woke up with no memory of the night before and anything that had happened. I have to say that I absolutely laughed out loud when Saylor finally told Hayden not only had they hooked up that faithful night, but they had also gotten married. Saylor and Hayden both come from political families, though Saylor only recently finally met her biological father, so while Hayden knows the score for the public, Saylor has always stayed off the radar in the political world. I loved that Hayden marrying Saylor gave him the perfect way out of politics and a way to stay with his firefighting job that he loved. 


While we only got a quick glimpse at both Saylor's mom and Hayden's mom, I found myself loving both their characters so much. They both just love and want to protect their kids and also only want them to be happy. As much as I loved both moms, I have to say I had a hard time liking Hayden's dad in the beginning and absolutely hated Saylor's dad from the moment he appeared on her doorstep. 


Hard to Fall was a funny and emotional story and it gave me so many feels as I read it. I absolutely fell in love with Hayden and Saylor as both individuals and as a couple. I highly recommend the entire Take the Fall series to anyone who enjoys reading contemporary romances. Ms. Valentine gives her readers characters to fall in love with and stories they will want to read over and over again.


Rating: 5 Stars (A+)

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