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A Very Ruby Christmas: A Bound and Determinded Novella - Lavinia Kent

I've enjoyed each of the stories in the Bound & Determined series. Some have had Emma/Ruby as the center of the story while others have focused on her girls or her friends. While I enjoyed all the stories, I love the ones that focus on Emma/Ruby and Derek most of all.


A Very Ruby Christmas was a wonderful way to wrap up Ruby's portion of the Bound & Determined series. I had known once Emma/Ruby and Derek decided to marry, she would have to do something about her house and her girls. I loved how protective Ruby always has been of her girls and knew it would take the right person to take over her house. I adored we got to visit with each of Ruby's friends and their spouses. As Ruby was part of them finding their happily ever afters, it was wonderful to get to re-visit with each of them.


While I adored each and every minute we get with Emma and Derek together, I have too say I loved that Emma finally got time with family, her half-sister, Jasmine in this book. I love that Jasmine came to Emma for help without knowing she was actually the type of person to step up to take care of anyone who showed up at her doorstep. I absolutely loved watching the two women not only become friends, but sisters. I absolutely loved that Emma/Ruby finally had a way to find her happily ever after and take care of her girls at the same time.


While Ruby's reign at her house is now over, I can't wait to read stories with Madame Blanche in the future. I have absolutely loved this series to date and really hope we will get more stories in the future.


Rating: 4 Stars (B-)

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