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Caught Up In You is the 2nd book in the Monroes series from Jules Bennett. Braxton has always been the peacemaker of the 3 brothers, and remains the go between much of the time between Liam and Zach. I absolutely loved these 3 such different brothers are working together to make their sister Chelsea's women-only spa dream come to fruition.


Cora Buchanan is nothing like I had in my mind for the massage therapist for the spa, and even less so for Braxton, yet I quickly found myself knowing she was absolutely perfect for both. The fact that she is blind threw me a bit at first, but she is such a strong woman, I loved that she wanted to be so independent. I also absolutely adored that Braxton not only accepted her being blind, but also made sure he went out of his way to show he supported her independence. Yes he is still protective of her, but in a loving way, not in a condescending way. 


The chemistry between Cora and Braxton was there from the very first time she gave him a massage. I loved that while they took things relatively slowly, Braxton went out of his way to give Cora as normal a courtship as possible. Seriously loved he took her swimming and let her drive in a big field. I can't imagine losing my sight, but can totally understand missing such every day activities. I think Braxton romanced Cora every bit as much with his actions as his kisses and lovemaking.


I liked getting to see Braxton, Liam, and Zach spend more time together. Because of their past, the relationship the brothers are developing now are every bit as important to the story. In fact I love seeing the guys spend time together just as much as I love seeing each of the romances develop.


Caught Up In You was such a beautiful romance. I absolutely adored watching Cora and Braxton fall in love. Jules Bennett gives her readers another winner with Caught Up In You. I highly recommend this story to all readers who love contemporary romances.


Rating: 4 Stars (B+)

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