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Waiting For an Earl Like You: A Masters of Seduction Novel - Alexandra Hawkins

I've somehow missed out reading Alexandra Hawkins before Waiting For an Earl Like You. I absolutely loved her voice and look forward to reading her extensive backlist and future books.


I really enjoyed Waiting For an Earl Like You. I thought both Olivia and Thorn were both really strong characters, although I'm not sure Olivia really saw herself that way in the beginning. I initially thought Thorn was so rude to Olivia because he was jealous that Olivia took his twin Gideon from him. I quickly realized his jealousy had everything to do with he wanted Olivia for himself.


I didn't love the fact that Thorn pretended to be Gideon around Olivia several times. I felt it was too much of a childhood prank at first, and really felt like he let it go on a bit too long. However, I thought Olivia would be better at telling the twins apart as well. Honestly, these were my only issue with the book.


I love the somewhat slow build of romance between Thorn and Olivia. They really worked as a couple for me in a way that I could never see with Gideon and Olivia. Thorn and Olivia had great chemistry and I could tell how much they loved each other long before either one of them admitted it to themselves or each other.


Waiting For an Earl Like You was a very enjoyable read. I love when I find a new-to-me author whose voice I love from the very first page. I look forward to reading many more books from Ms. Hawkins in the future.


Rating: 4 Stars (B+)

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