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It Started With a Kiss - Marina Adair

It Started With a Kiss is the first book in the new Sequoia Lake series from Marina Adair and I felt like it was a great start to the new series.


Avery Adams was a completely refreshing heroine. Her goal following her kidney transplant is to live out loud and complete all the items in her memory journal in honor or in memory of the many friends and family she has known. I have to believe Avery has always been a strong woman, but following her kidney transplant, she is almost fearless now. I love that Avery had such a great attitude about life and wanted to live it to the fullest. So much so, that when she meets Ty, she totally lives in the moment and kisses him, completing the kiss a stranger page in her memory journal. 


Tyson Donovan didn't tell Avery she worked for his parents when they met and it made me chuckle just a bit that he kept that little tidbit from her. Ty and his dad haven't really been close since his brother died in an accident on the mountain while he was with Ty. Honestly, it broke my heart to see Ty and his dad together at times. I could tell Ty wanted to help his dad out, but the tension between them and the distance between them made it hard for them to even be in the same room without fighting. I found Avery understood them both and seemed to help the situation a bit when she was with them together to with each one separately. 


Even knowing Ty was only staying at the lodge long enough to get his dad through the inspection, he seemed to find it much easier to be there thanks to Avery. First of all, they had amazing chemistry and it only got stronger the more time they spent together. Ty seemed to get Avery and her need to stretch her wings in a way many others didn't. Yes he wanted to keep her safe and didn't want her to do anything to hurt herself, but he found a way to help her make each page of her memory book come true.  Ty also seemed to feel more at home the more time he spent with Avery. Although Ty and Avery were pretty different, I found myself totally falling for them as a couple.


It Started With a Kiss was a sweet, sexy romance filled with redemption, laughter, hope and forgiveness. I loved meeting Avery's and Ty's friends in It Started With a Kiss and can't wait to read more books from this series. I already have a few favorite secondary characters that I really hope get their own books in the future.


Rating: 4 Stars (B)

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