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Irresistible In Love - Bella Andre, Jennifer Skully

I've wanted Paige and Evan together since we met the Mavericks in the very first book. I knew that Whitney, who is Evan's wife and Paige's sister was the wrong woman for him, as did pretty much every other person in his life. I just didn't know how far Whitney had gone and would go to try and keep Evan. I'm not really sure why I was surprised at the lengths Whitney would go to keep Evan, but I have to say I can happily continue to hate her without feeling bad about it at all.


Paige and Evan are absolutely soulmates and have been from the word go. I really think part of the reason I love them so much together is because they started out as friends first and then moved on to lovers. Yes Paige had been in love with Evan for years, and I think deep down Evan had always loved Paige as more than just a friend. I loved that Paige was always there for Evan as a sounding board and she was every bit as much a member of the Mavericks clan as any of the other wives or girlfriends of the other Mavericks, in a way even Whitney never was.


I loved that even before Evan admitted his feelings about Paige to himself or anyone else, he always made sure she stayed in his life. She has always seemed to be the first person he went to when he had problems or just needed to talk. Again them being friends first only seemed to make their relationship stronger when they took it to that next level. I'd always felt a connection between these two, but once they finally decided to give into that attraction, there was no holding back. I loved they couldn't seemed to keep their hands off one another and how supportive the entire Maverick family was of their relationship. Yes there were bumps in the road, especially from vindictive bitch Whitney, but I loved how Evan and Paige both stepped up to make their relationship a priority.


Irresistible In Love might just be my favorite book in the Maverick Billionaires series. We got to spend time with all the members of the Maverick clan and got to finally see Evan and Paige find their happily ever after. I read this book in one sitting, which is pretty unusual for me most of the time as life likes to get in the way of my reading time. However, I could not put this book down and I wanted to start re-reading it as soon as I read the last page.



Rating: 5 Stars (A+)

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