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Love So Right - Marquita Valentine

I've always wanted to know more about Apple McCoy and was so glad to finally get her book. I knew she and Preston were absolutely meant to be together from the first moment we saw them interact. I'll be honest and say it is tough to really love Apple unless you've paid attention to all she does in the background for people. Yes she has been pretty bitchy at times, but I quickly realized it was so she wouldn't get hurt again. 


I loved that Preston bides his time and waited until he could tell Apple might actually be ready for a relationship...especially with another Lawson. I've always loved the banter between Preston and Apple and could always feel an attraction between them. I love when a Lawson man finds "the one" he will do anything and everything to make it work. Preston is every bit as dedicated to making Apple his as any of his cousins have been when they found their true loves.


I really liked finding out all the good Apple had done behind the scenes for the town of Jessamine. It didn't really surprise me that she and her sisters had been behind some of the match making in town, especially since I'd seen Apple's work in the past. I liked that Apple liked to help out without taking credit and found myself liking her more and more the more I read Love So Right. I especially loved seeing Apple and her sisters stand up and take back the McCoy's luncheon from those members that didn't have the town's best interest at heart. 


Love So Right was such a fast read. I loved how quickly Ms. Valentine moved Apple and Preston's story along after we waited so patiently to get their story. While Tristan and Lemon's story remains my absolute favorite in the Lawson Brothers series, I have to say I really did love getting to finally see Apple find the one person to make her happy. 


Rating: 4.5 Stars (B+) 

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