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Hot Property - Carly Phillips

Hot Property is another winner in the Hot Zone series. Since each of the Jordan sisters have each found their happily ever afters, it was time for another Hot Zone member to find happiness. We finally get John Roper's story and it was totally worth the wait.


I loved that Spencer's niece Amy Stone came to work at Hot Zone. I loved meeting her in Hot Item and was happy we got to know more about her in Hot Property. The fact that Amy and Roper were thrown together from the moment Amy arrived at Hot Zone made my heart sing. I knew John Roper needed a strong woman in his life. Not only because he was a celebrity baseball player, but he needed someone to help him deal with is family. Amy has had years of practice dealing with difficult family members thanks to her mom and aunt, who tend to get into all sort of scrapes. They are one of the main reasons Amy wanted to move away to New York. I loved that while Amy could see how John needed to deal with his family, she was totally blind to dealing with her own family until John pointed it out to her.


John and Amy had the absolute best chemistry. I seriously loved they actually were friends before they became lovers. I felt like it made their relationship stronger overall, not that there weren't some stumbling blocks on both sides. However when they were together, they pretty much burned up the sheets. I also loved they both had to learn to handle their families and fight to make their relationship work. 


Hot Property was a wonderful end to one of my favorite series ever from Carly Phillips. While I fully believe readers should read the entire series in order, I also feel strongly that with the Hot Zone series, each book reads well as a stand-alone story as well.  


Rating: 5 Stars (A+)