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Feels Like the First Time - Marina Adair

I absolutely adore a friends to lovers romance. Honestly it is one of my absolute favorite romance troupes. Marina Adair hit all the right buttons for me in Feels Like the First Time.


I love every single thing about Ali Marshall. She is a strong woman who runs her own business and is always there to take care of friends and family. She also knows her own mind and puts her own needs on the back burner to help others out at times, so much so that even though she is insanely attracted to Bradly Hawk, she remains only friends with him since he is her sister's ex-husband.


I have to say the chemistry between Ali and Hawk was pretty awesome from their very first encounter. Even their playful banter was so flirtatious. I seriously bought into them as a couple long before Ali created her fauxmance with Hawk. They had amazing passion and I especially loved that Hawk accepted Ali just as she was and didn't expect her to change at all. 


I did worry how much pressure Ali put on herself to always be there for everyone else while putting many of her needs last. I think her family especially had come to expect her to take up the slack, and it was refreshing to finally see her sister Bridget offer to help, even if she stumbled a bit along the way.


I really enjoyed Feels Like the First Time, which is the 2nd book in the Destiny Bay series. As I missed reading the first book in the series, I can say with certainty that Feels Like the First Time reads very well as a stand alone story. I will also say I have already bought the first book to go back and read, as I hate reading books in a series out of order. I found Feels Like the First Time to be a sexy and emotional romance and a really super fast read, as I couldn't put the book down.


Rating: 4 Stars (B)

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