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Sidelined - Marquita Valentine

From the moment we met Aiden and Layton in Scored, I knew I wanted them to find a way to be together. It didn't matter to me that Layton was engaged to someone else, I knew she and Aiden were perfect for each other and am so glad Ms. Valentine gave us their story.


I love when two characters have a history together and the fact that Aiden and Layton had known each other since she was 11 gave me all the feels. I love they had a friendship, as he is her older brother's best friend, first and an attraction that came later for them both. I loved how protective Aiden was of Layton and that he really did want to do right by her. 


The chemistry between Aiden and Layton was freaking amazing! Like so smoking hot I needed to fan myself a few times. I have to say I absolutely loved that Aiden wanted to make sure Layton was truly ready before they moved to a physical relationship. I love when the hero is the first to fall in love, and the fact that Aiden had been in love with Layton for what seemed like forever pretty much made me swoon. Seriously, what is better than a big sexy football player falling first?


I didn't love how wishy-washy Layton was at times with her feelings. I understood she had pretty much just come off of a long term relationship, even though her husband left her during their honeymoon. They had been together since they were teens, so I got being scared to rush into anything too fast. I just hated the push and pull I sometimes felt with Aiden's feelings. I could feel how much he really cared and loved her and just wanted her to trust her instincts when it came to him. I got past it, but it did color me loving Layton as much in this book as I did in Scored


Sidelined was a fabulous story. I'm equally excited for the fact that the sports series won't end with just 2 books and we will get more stories with these characters. I can't wait to see Kingston Price meet his match!



Rating: 4.5 Stars (A)

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