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Trying to Score  - Toni Aleo I was lucky enough to get approved for a review copy from NetGalley thanks to the publisher. I got hooked on this series with the first book and am loving where things are going with this series.

I really liked both Fallon and Lucas as both characters and a couple. I understood Fallon being scared to trust Lucas again after walking in on him with her roommate in college. I did have a problem with the fact that she kept it a secret for 7 years that he had a son, but even could understand a little bit of her thought process then. I loved how forgiving Lucas was of Fallon. He had royally screwed up by cheating on her and yet he easily let go of the fact that she had kept his son from him, and even continued to try and win Fallon over. He made no excuses for the fact that he still loved her after all this time. Fallon is one of the few people Lucas has shared many of his secrets with, including the fact that he is dyslexic and struggles to read. He did not however share the fact that when they were dating he was an alcoholic and addicted to pain meds, which is partially to blame for the cheating incident.

Again, I totally understood Fallon’s anger about the past. However, I really wanted Fallon and Lucas to make it as a couple, and I thought Fallon held on to her anger and mistrust just a little too long. Yes Lucas screwed up, but in my opinion, Fallon screwed up just as much by keeping his son from him. I loved that Fallon could see Lucas as an example of how forgiveness could really happen.

Fallon’s sister Audrey was a secondary character in this story and I really wanted to get to know her better. Knew she was mixed up with a guy who thought it was okay to belittle her, and had a pretty good idea who the guy was. I excited that she will get the chance to find a guy who can really care and love her in the next book in this series, Empty Net.