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The Rebound Girl - Tamara Morgan ***3.5 out of 5 stars***

I was lucky enough to get a review copy of The Rebound Girl from NetGalley thanks to the publisher.

I loved both Whitney and Matt from the very beginning. They had awesome chemistry and even with their differences they worked as a couple for me. I also loved Whitney’s partners in her medical spa Kendra and John. Both Whitney and Matt have had someone cheat on them in the past, Whitney’s ex-boyfriend Jared and Matt’s ex-wife Laura. Whitney has maintained only no-strings attached affairs since Jared cheated on her. Matt hasn’t dated anyone since his divorce was finalized 8 months ago. Matt had real feelings for Whitney very early on, and while Whitney wouldn’t admit to it, she had feelings for Matt too.

Whitney and her partners have moved to a somewhat conservative town in Pleasant Park. Whitney makes no excuses for who she is and really isn’t big on playing town politics. Only after John and Kendra step in does she start to try and play nice. Her relationship with Matt seems to help her standing a little in the town, but not enough. When the funding becomes a problem, John and Kendra must bring in big name help with charity ties…sadly help comes in the form of Whitney’s ex Jared Fine. Whitney has never forgiven Jared for cheating on her and has lived her entire life making sure no one can ever hurt her that way again.

Whitney isn’t the only one with ex issues in this book. Matt’s ex-wife Laura got on my last nerve in this book. She had cheated on him, yet still depended on him for so much, and even did everything in her power to sabotage his relationship with Whitney. While Jared made me mad for cheating, Laura went one step further and added major lies to her crimes. I honestly have to say that I forgave Jared for his crimes long before I could forgive Laura for hers. I have to say I felt like Matt and Whitney’s relationship is much stronger because of what they both went through in the past.

Tamara Morgan is a new-to-me author, and I’m looking forward to reading more books from her in the future. For more information about the author, please check out her website.