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The Bridge - Karen Kingsbury I was lucky enough to get an early copy of The Bridge from NetGalley. I’m a big fan of Karen Kingsbury and was really excited to read a book set in my backyard. I live in the Nashville area and was here when the hundred-year flood hit. I can picture exactly where The Bridge is located in Franklin, and know how much damage occurred in that area.

Kingsbury gives her readers another winner with The Bridge. This book is all about second chances and I openly admit it brought me to tears several times. Ryan and Molly met and fell in love at school in Nashville, but an outside force comes between them and Molly ends up moving home. While Ryan and Molly both move on with their lives, neither has ever forgotten or stopped loving the other. Ryan and Molly met Charlie and Donna Barton at The Bridge and would spend hours there reading to one another. Five years later, Charlie and Donna are about to lose The Bridge due to damage from the hundred-year flood that hit Franklin. Charlie becomes so despondent he truly feels like Donna would be better taken care of if he was dead. While Charlie does see that is not the way to fix things, he has a major car wreck on the way home and ends up in ICU in a Nashville hospital. Hearing about Charlie’s wreck brings Ryan, Molly and many of the former Bridge shoppers to the hospital to offer help to Donna and Charlie. I loved that Ryan and Molly finally got to reconnect and learn the truth about what had torn them apart all those years ago. They still had some trust issues at first, but they were given a second chance at love and didn’t want to waste it.

I had tears of sadness and joy while reading The Bridge, and totally felt uplifted when I finished reading. The official release date for The Bridge was October 23, 2012 and can be purchased from your favorite bookstore or online retailer.