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Shield of Winter - Nalini Singh

I love Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling books so much. I was lucky enough to get a review copy of Shield of Winter thanks to the publisher through NetGalley.


I've always wanted to know more about Vasic. I have to admit I had never really loved Vasic until I read this book. He always seemed like a cold-blooded killer to me. Granted he is an Arrow, but seemed more like the silent ones than some of the other Arrows.


I have to say Nalini totally won me over with this book. I liked Ivy Jane from the moment she appeared on the page. Vasic and Ivy Jane wouldn't seem like they would work as a couple when you first look at them. However they not only worked as a couple, but I loved them together. Part of what I loved best about them was how slow and sweet they moved in their relationship. 


I also love the time Vasic spent with his grandfather. Honestly before he met Ivy Jane I felt like he was pretty much a machine, but seeing how sweet he was with his grandfather and how much he loved him, made me love Vasic even more. While I loved spending time with favorite characters and seeing the new love develop, I still think my favorite scene happens between Judd and Vasic.


Shield of Winter is another winner in the Psy-Changeling series. I read it as fast as I possibly could because this series really is like book-crack for me. Now I must wait until next year to get my next fix in this series. Luckily I will get my Nalini Singh fix in October with the next Guild Hunter book Archangel's Shadow.